Where to & how to play Texas Holdem

Where to and how to play Texas Holdem poker online might be a question you are asking yourself.All your friends and work mates are talking about it and everywhere you look there is advertising for Texas Holdem poker.And you are not sure about where to play or how to play but you would like to get started and join in on the action,well i,m going to give you an introduction to Texas Holdem poker and some advice.


Good question this as there are many different opinions on how to play and what style you should play and so on but were not going to get into this as you,ll not be trying to win the WORLD SERIES OF POKER in your first year.No i,m going to give you some tips on how to get your game up to scratch within a few weeks so you can start playing online.

First at the top of the page there is a banner for Sky Poker,if you click on this you will get to the Sky Poker home page and on there you will find The Sky Poker school.Click on The Sky Poker School banner and you will get access to 13 informative videos that teach you everything you need to know about Texas Holdem Poker rules,betting,bluffing and general Texas Holdem poker play for free and with no obligation to sign up.This is good as it,s quicker than reading a book and will teach you all the basics.


Secondly sign up with an online poker site that has Texas Holdem (they all do)but don,t deposit any money.First thing you will want to do is practice on the free tables where you can check out how to play cash games,sit n gos and tournaments without spending any money and get a feel for the set up and work out what format suit,s you best.However remember that playing on practice tables and real tables are very different as people play more loose and are more likely to push all their chips in with a bad hand on practice tables as they have nothing to lose so don,t think that the poker will always be that aggressive and crazy as it won,t when peoples money is on the line.


And thirdly if you are looking to play Texas Holdem poker online then you must have internet connection in your home so use it to study some poker.Search youtube and you will find it is full of  Texas Holdem poker videos that you can watch and learn from and you can actually watch WSOP events from the past and present on youtube so sit down and watch these in your spare time.

So that should get you ready to start playing Texas Holdem poker all you need to do now is decide where?


Another good question as there are numerous online poker sites now and there is not a lot of difference between the top one,s.What you should look for when picking an online poker site is which site gives me the best sign up bonus?,which site has easy and safe software to download and install and how many players does this site have ? as you will want to play on a poker site that always has players filling up tables and tournaments so you don,t have to wait around long in the lobby,s.


From personal experience i advertise with the poker sites that i play Texas Holdem poker on so i know what they have to offer and any of the poker sites advertised on my website will give you the best of the things i told you to look out for above.So good luck and hope to see you at the Texas Holdem table,s soon.

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