Where can i play poker for free?

Many people out there are looking for places online where they can play poker for free with no obligation to sign up for anything at any point.Well there are lots of places to play poker online for free but because they are free they tend to be tournaments full of people throwing all there chips in all the time.When you play in tournaments like this you don,t really get the chance to play real poker or a chance to test your poker skills.


However there are a few ways around this and if you are not already on facebook.com you should sign up for it and join there free online poker siteZynga Poker.At Zynga Pokerplayers play in tournaments where they get points and climb leader boards so they play poker with more care and don,t go all in with every hand.Zynga Poker is totally free and fun to play so go to facebook and check it out for free.


Other good places to play poker for free is at online poker schools.If you register for an online poker school it is totally free and everyone you play against is trying to pass there test also so they play proper poker.At a poker school you will also learn the in,s and out,s of poker and most likely become a good player.All the sites advertised on my website,s have poker schools which you can sign up with for free and with no obligation to sign up for anything once your course has finished.

Hope this helps you in your search to play poker online for free.good luck.

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