What do i need to know about online poker

What do i need to know about online poker before i start is an often asked question and a good one.First i,d just like to say that there are some things you can,t know about before you start and can only find out about them by trial and error,like how to win at online poker and other things like that which i nor nobody can give you information on.


I can help you by giving you links to some articles on this website which may cover a topic that interests you or will be helpful to you.For example if you have never played online poker then you may like to read and article which gives you information on HOW TO INSTALL TEXAS HOLDEM poker onto your computer.


So you will also be thinking about your first time real money deposit bonus which you get with most online poker sites?.Well if so you should have a read of FIRST DEPOSIT BONUSand also have a read of POKER DEPOSIT LIMITS which tells you all about setting monthly deposit limits so you don,t spend more money than you can afford.


You may want to play online poker for free first till you get the hang of it and you can learn all about what free places there are out there to play poker at FREE POKER SITES.


A few more good and useful articles that you can read before starting to play online poker are KEEP BUSY WHILE PLAYING which is a good article on poker strategy,IS ONLINE POKER FIXED? is another good article and will put your mind at rest about online poker being fixed and finally ONLINE POKER LAWS IN AMERICA is a good article if you live in America and are not sure about where you stand with online poker laws.

Hope these articles will help you and i hope to see you at the tables soon,good luck.

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