How many U.S. online poker players are there? Any statistic or estimate?

How many U.S. online poker players are there? Each statistic or estimate? 
I am a speech on the legalization of poker in the U.S. I was looking for some statistics or estimates of how many U.S. poker players are currently playing online Best Answer:

reply by Adam S 
Good question, and give em hell! My guesstimate would be about 5-10 million in the U.S.. This is on average the number of U.S. players on Poker Stars and Full Tilt, the two largest poker sites. If you could reduce the number of casual gamers and people who play just as a game for free to add non-gambling sites are run from 1 to 20 or more.

If you have an exact number, Google “Poker Players Alliance” want and find a few organizations that legalize online poker always here. There are also a bill in Congress by Barney Frank that would legalize online poker sponsored. I do not know the bill number or name, but it is easy enough to find.

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